We are Also Specialised in Pre Wedding Shoot

Like we all know that Pre Wedding Shoots and Pre Wedding Videos are new trend in India 

and every one is going crazy with this trend. While shooting Pre Shoots in the hustle-bustle of cities! are of course gorgeous, there’s something nice about shoots in the Sinic location! It’s like Nature stands still only for the two of you, lost in each other’s eyes! You get what we mean, right? Ok, enough of the sappy stuff, let’s get to the point!

We first featured Akansha and Dev in their PreWedding shoot by the Lake Side in Our Lake way Resort.
The Lakeway located at the Lake Pichola Ring Road. an aesthetic view of the old city & The aravali mountain ranges. The natural settings, the mesmerizing view of the old city, the mystical music of the lake, enchanting sounds from birds will take you to feel natural stay.
Lake Way is a captivating leisure destination in itself, offering a myriad of services and facilities to experience our truly enriching surroundings.
The ambient setting combines with our service to make your holiday a journey into the romance and grandeur of another century. Offer you good value for money by providing you a quality, neat & clean accommodation designed for comfort in peaceful & Eco-friendly area in amidst of beautiful nature. If you are looking for an luxury accommodation in Udaipur with all the best services and facilities then your search ends here.


5 Reasons to go for a pre-wedding photoshoot with us :-

Get Familiar
A pre-wedding shoot is a great risk-free opportunity for you and your photographer to get to know each other. After the shoot, you will have a good idea of your photographer’s style and strengths. He/She, on the other hand, will learn about your personal style, best angles and the type of pictures you expect. A pre-wedding shoot is probably the best brief you can give your photographer.

A pre-wedding shoot is also a great way to get rid of your “camera nerves.” A productive session with the photographer, where you both develop a level of comfort, will help you forget the camera on your wedding day and lead to natural-looking, livelier images.

Get Candid
At most modern Indian weddings, a photographer finds himself/herself pulled in two directions. While young couples look for a candid style, the older members of the family feel the wedding album incomplete without formal group shots and a meticulous record of the rituals of a traditional wedding. A pre-wedding shoot allows a happy compromise, giving the couple and the photographer a full day to get candid portraits and moments in a relaxed environment sans the pressures and rush of the big day.

Get Casual

While you will be all dressed up in your finery on your wedding day, you could opt for a more casual style on your pre-wedding shoot that’s truer to your own personality. It adds a little diversity to your wedding album, and may be perfect to frame and put up on the walls of your party pad, or any place in your house where the wedding photos may appear a bit too formal.

Get Creative

Your pre-wedding shoot can take place in any location you choose. Couples often use it as an opportunity to capture memories of their courtship days. It could be in a place where you went for quiet walks, where you first met, or where he proposed. It could also be a spot that shows off the other interests of your lives. A paragliding weekend at the beach, a hike in the hills or your favorite historical monument.

Get Dressy

You could also choose to use your pre-wedding shoot as a dress rehearsal and turn up in your wedding finery, complete with hair and make-up. This will allow you to get comfortable in your trousseau and see if any last-minute alterations are needed. The images will show you exactly how you are going to look on the day of the wedding, giving you the opportunity to calibrate your look, so things can be absolutely perfect on your wedding day.

We try our level best to make you’re special day memorable with us!