Room Service

Room service has always been one of the most essential (and popular) services for any hotel. With us being no exception to this practice, we at The Lakeway would truly like to be sure that any kind of additional service a customer wants can be easily and timely delivered to them. Besides offering an …



SPA & Beauty

The THAI Spa by designed to provide the ultimate in personal pampering. Your spa experience will take you on a journey of discovery, through stages of relaxation to prepare your mind and body for the treatment experience ahead. The Aroma Steam Rooms are set amidst a story of heritage and architectural beauty, offering a calming prelude to your treatment.


Lakeview Suite

Our rooms provide such a lovely view that you’ll feel like you are sitting in amidst of nature enjoying the natural beauty. Rooms are perfect abode to relax as all the rooms are beautifully designed & furnished to offer a comfortable & cozy stays. The Lakeway offers spacious Lakeview Suite Rooms with attached European style bathrooms and all modern amenities ensuring the relaxation and comfort of guest.